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Hello Lovely Souls,

I’m Madison VanZwieten, founder of Body Euphoria Massage Therapy in Logan Square. This journey isn’t just about making a living and starting a business; it’s a quiet rebellion. As someone who’s navigated the challenges of a patriarchal world, each step has been a tender act of defiance, an assertion of my voice in a space often dominated by louder voices.


Our little massage sanctuary above the busy intersection is my form

Body Euphoria Massage Therapy's Studio in Logan Square with Plants and Good Sunlight for a Chill Nice Massage

of gentle anarchy – a place where care, kindness, and healing challenge the norm. Here, every massage is a small, yet powerful statement of personal connection and peace. A statement of facing your fears and staring down the doubt, which can be overwhelming. Everyone is welcome at Body Euphoria, but especially my friends with LGBTQIA+ identities.

Your support means the world, especially as someone who’s often struggled to step into the light. I know there will be many difficulties, but this post is a reminder that even the softest voices can resonate powerfully. Thank you for walking this path with me, for every shared moment of tranquility is my strength.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Madison VanZwieten, Founder, Body Euphoria Massage Therapy

Madison VanZwieten, LMT

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